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Tourists in Lviv

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Programs of active rest in Lviv. Active days off for groups

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   For tourists, striving to vary their rest, experience new emotions, find new friends and lead an active way of life, “Bee Travel” company develops active rest programs. In this case, schoolchildren, students or labor teams of “advanced” companies would like to organize active rest in Lviv most frequently. But separate families, eager to strengthen family and parents’ relations and find common interests, have been recently spending active weekends in Lviv. Fascinating excursions intended for active tourists is a decoration of both corporative and family rest. For children “Bee Travel” offers educational excursions, during which they will see numerous lions throughout the city and the process of favorite chocolate production. Educational excursions for schoolchildren will broaden their knowledge about history and culture, acquaint with national customs and traditions. For students it will be interesting to participate in local festivals and celebrations.

  Lvovians themselves spend their leisure time actively: going in for sports, walks in picturesque outskirts of the city, participation in different events. Active guests of Lviv may be also offered to ride, to play paintball, to jump with parachute and other entertainments. Developing programs for active tourists “Bee Travel” employees try to create unique, eventful, emotional and unexpected ones. For example, extreme intellectual quests in the streets of Lviv give their participants an adrenaline rush, become a valuable life experience.

   Every Saturday within the framework of active rest it is possible to get acquainted with architecture and history of Lviv and region. Every Sunday it is possible to attend castles (Olesko, Pidhirtsi, Zolochiv and Svizr) and monasteries (Krechiv, Univ). Tourists, who would like to take an active part in sightseeing natural monuments of Western Ukraine, may travel over Carpathian valleys, to the Rocks of Dovbush and others.

Active participation of Lviv

   Are not you going to come to the ancient Lemberg in order to spend your vacation in the cozy restaurant? Surely not! As Lviv actively creates and organizes new city theme holidays you can participate in. We are sure that such events are not held in your city that is why wise and active guests of Lviv try to organize their visit to Lviv in such a way it coincides with fest or holiday. The whole city, tourists and locals, adults and children actively participate in every theme or city holiday or fest. If you want to get many smiles and warmth visit Lviv on holidays!

Informative excursions in Lviv
Informative excursions in Lviv

    “Bee Travel” company works for you! Planning programs of active rest managers of our company try to consider all aspects of your trip to Lviv. That is why the program includes not only informative excursions for adults and children but also entertainments. For example, locals spend active time in the aqua park, so we offer interesting excursions for children before noon and aqua entertainments in late afternoon.

Active rest in Lviv

   “Bee Travel” company offers extremely interesting program of tours to Lviv for easy outgoing and active people. Active rest in Lviv can include informative function as besides excursions for active tourists you can select such entertainment like quest. Active days off in Lviv give you an impulse and you return home with perfect mood and positive impressions and desire to visit Lviv again in order to continue make new discoveries.