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Tourists in Lviv

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The most delicious places of Lviv

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   To list all the famous places of Lviv would be unreasonable, because, as it is known this city is called the tourist Mecca of Western Ukraine. Even the ancientcemeteryofLembergis a place of pilgrimage for tourists and a popular city destination, rather than an ordinary place of mourning, as in other cities. Rich history of the city has created a lot of architectural and historical monuments that attract tourists and make them enter notes "need to be visited". There are medieval knights’ castles and mysterious dungeons; quiet streets of the old city and wonderful cathedrals. Among the places of Lviv that are worth visiting - High Castle Park and the St. George's Cathedral, Drugstore-Museum and Lviv City Hall, Rynok Square and the Lviv Opera. Without exploration of these monuments your impressions from Lviv will not be complete. You must visit the "tastiest" Lviv places, in which you can taste the best coffee and chocolate, national dishes and international aperitifs. All tourists, who have come to Lviv, must visit dungeons, because with many legends are associated with them and, in fact, they are one of the milestones in the history of the city.

   Arriving in Lviv, in which the historical sites preserve the memory of the days, when the city had been under Austro-Hungary and Poland, you can visit the museum exposition, which will be interesting to inquisitive tourists. You must visit the most beautiful places in Lviv – its parks, the city has nearly thirty of them. They are beautiful in any time of the year and when visiting the amazing sights of nature and architecture, do not forget to take photos of Lviv. Tourist attractions for tasty meal fans in a beautiful atmosphere – these are city cafes. A full scope of true information about them can be found on the travellers’ forums and on Bee Travel’s site. Book individual excursions round interesting places of Lviv and get a lot of pleasure from narration of Bee Travel managers about their favourite city, who are native Lviv inhabitants. You will be led to historical places of the city, all famous monuments will be shown, all your questions will be answered, and you willy-nilly will love Lviv as well as its inhabitants - with all your soul.