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History of Lviv. Historical Lviv. Bee Travel company

  History of any city attracts the most careful attention of the tourists. On that score, Lviv is not an exception. Its history is of interest not only to people who study it but also to the guests of the city who want to touch the historical past of this ancient city. The history “breathes” in each architecture, street and monument of Lviv city. Due to a great number of important historical monuments that have been perfectly preserved up until now historical Lviv is included to the UNESCO list of the cities that represents the historical heritage of Europe. While visiting Lviv you will feel that wonderful atmosphere created by the meeting of past and present. Both citizens of big cities and guests from small towns feel comfortable in Lviv because everyone here can find the occupation he likes.

  The best way for the guests of the city to study the history of Lviv is to visit one of the numerous excursions. Each route represents historical Lviv in its own way. While travelling within the city you will explore interesting and trial periods from the life of Lviv, you will also see a lot of unique historical monuments that represent different times and epochs of the construction of the city. The history of the city has combined different cultures and styles as Lviv has always been on the intersection of the interests of different empires that have a strong desire to conquer Lviv. All these processes are reflected in the architecture and culture of Lviv. Historical Lviv is a unique combination of European architecture with the elements of different times of its construction.

  While visiting Lviv you will find interesting places to visit and to be surprised and it doesn’t matter if you are interested in the history of Lviv or you want to have an interesting rest in the place you have never been to. 

Lviv history

   The most interesting excursions for Lviv tourists and visitors become these, the program of which includes lively, exciting and emotional stories about the history of Lviv creation, its periods of prosperity and decadence, submission and government, its importance being a part of different countries. Any way, everything is in this city – history: Lviv streets- especially centric,  its ancient part; city architecture, monuments of culture and mysterious places. Even the course in a short history of Lviv speaks for that ancient Lemberg always was “pleasant region” for neighbors and so its way of formation and development is thorny and difficult. Lviv history, monuments and mysterious places of an ancient capital of Galicia is a subject of particular attention for tourists and therefore it is very important to give true and interesting story to city visitors,  that the guides of tourist company Bee Travel do at high professional level. In fact, everything is important for them- native Lvovians: history of Lviv houses, traditions` origin,  outstanding countrymen. Who else, except people, love their native city Lviv wholeheartedly, will share their most mysterious feelings to it with you and tell the whole history of Lviv from top to bottom? It is possible to see the video about the best excursions round Lviv on the site of Bee Travel and reserve an excursion tour, having been assured of incredibly magic potence of wonderful Lemberg.