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Excursions around Lviv. Tips and responses of travelers

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   What a beautiful city Lviv is! How many hearts it has broken! How many tourists after returning home dream about its old streets, wonder through its labyrinths, attend its peaceful cafes and look at the great city surrounded with green parks from height of the Castle Hill! How many guests, leaving the city, pledge their word to come back here at least once more! It is no wonder that ancient Lemberg has a magic force of attraction and inspires love in all people, who has visited this place at least once! For this reason travel agency Bee Travel would like to give pieces of advice and recommendations for all who are going to visit Lviv: don’t try to see attractions of the former capital ofGaliciain a single tour, leave small mysteries and secrets of wonderful Lviv for the next time.  

   Lviv is considered a tourist Mecca of Ukraine not for nothing, because such a large concentration of monuments of history and architecture exists nowhere else! On Bee Travel’s website you may get to know which interesting places in Lviv are worth of visiting and seeing and when numerous local festivals take place. Except for many tours round prominent historical monuments, in Lviv it is possible to visit quite unusual spectacular celebrations, different theme festivities. Numerous responses about trips to Lviv, left on travelers’ forums, prove that tourists get a lot of bright impressions in the city.

Excursions round Lviv. Responses
Excursions round Lviv. Responses

    Sincere gratitude for Bee Travel employees, because the travel agency guides arrange excursions round Lviv, responses to which are full of gratitude, not only professionally, but also with great love. Travelers’ responses about the trip to Lviv are very useful for those, who only plan to attend beautiful Lemberg during the weekend or on holidays, because upon experienced travelers’ recommendations it is possible not only to choose the best hotels, but to order the most interesting excursions. The rest in Lviv, responses to which are reference points for potential visitors of the city, can vary: active or passive, within the city and outside it, educational and entertaining, easy and extreme, with a flight in the air–balloon. Whatever kind of tour to Lviv you choose, success of your trip will be assured, if tourist agency Bee Travel is engaged in organization of the tour. A long or a very short trip to Lviv leaves only good and positive responses, and if you are ready for the trip, do not be lazy, get in Bee Travel’s website and have a look at responses of grateful tourists concerning their trip to Lviv. Close, disposable and full of secrets Lviv, its outstanding monuments, comments of which can be read at Bee Travel, waits for its visitors in any season and it is ready to reveal its secrets to those, who really want it.