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    For Lvovians get used to excursions long time ago, because almost every minute they see tourist groups, looking around and trying to memorize every moment, every instant spent in our wonderful city. Offered prices for excursions are so loyal and democratic that sometimes even those local citizens, who want to learn more about their native city, order excursions around Lviv. There is no surprise – Lviv is so diverse and mysterious that you can live all your life here and every day learn something new about it.

   For the majority of people coming to Lviv excursions are the main purpose, which they would like to realize as soon as possible. Sometimes realization of this purpose covers the whole period of staying in Lviv – it is necessary to take into account that there are many enchanting tourist routes in Lviv, therefore excursions significantly differ from each other; besides, prices for the excursions in Lviv are so acceptable that you will want to make several ones. Only having made several excursions around Lviv you will get some general idea about the city, which keeps centuries-long mysteries, national traditions and bright impressions. Bee Travel agency offers many interesting and memorable excursions around Lviv, each of them is a small particle of history and contemporary life of the city. Prices for excursions we offer will justify all your expectations, permitting you to see  and get to know many interesting things and not to spend too much money for excursions around Lviv.