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Tourists in Lviv

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Events in Lviv on days off. Annonces of tourist events in Lviv

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   Wonderful architecture and monuments of impetuous history, spiritual and multinational traditions made Lviv the cultural capital of Ukraine. Numerous holidays and other bright events also allow the city to be considered the capital of festivals. Very often for tourists and guests of the city it’s important to come to Lviv just during holding of a particular arrangement.

   Many cultural events of Lviv became traditional and are held approximately at the same time. As a rule, travelers have heard about such events and know when they take place. The most popular among them are Holiday of Pampukh, Coffee and Chocolate, festivals “Weathercocks of Lviv”, “Lviv Capital of Crafts”, City festival of beer and etc. Among the brightest events of the city are Lviv Fashion Week, ethnographic festival “Big Gaіvka”, City Day and Batiar`s Day.

  Despite certain awareness, from time to time many tourists want to remember the monthly schedule of holding all cultural events of the hospitable city. Those, who are interested in announcements of tourist events in Lviv, can find them on the website of company Bee Travel. The calendar of events, which is created by the company, allows everyone to get to know what excursions from Bee Travel you can join every day, and see announcement of events for today, tomorrow, the next month, the whole year.

  The list of events for today in Lviv will let to adjust your tour program, if you have already arrived in the tourist capital, but were not aware of holidays or festivals taking place at that time. People, who dream about an exciting weekend, will be interested in events during the weekend. If you can take your holiday in any season, you have to be informed about all events in Lviv for 2019. The calendar of events of Bee Travel agency will help each tourist to choose the best time for visiting the capital of Galicia.

Annual Lviv events

   Annual Lviv events include the traditional fests of rock and folk music, holidays of beer and coffee, Christmas and New Year fairs, theatre fests and craft competitions among children and a lot of other events. Each cultural Lviv event is a true present for the tourists and guests of the city as it allows not only enjoying the beauty of squares and parks, talents of artists and painters, tasting best chocolate or cheese with wine but also bring souvenirs, photos and memories about best vacation in Lviv.

Today announce of Lviv events

   Are you going to visit Lviv? Do you want to know what cultural events take place in Lviv tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in a week or in a month? In order to get such information you should visit “Bee Travel” company web site where you will find the events guide for a year that contains information about bright Lviv events prepared for the locals and guests of the city. The events guide of fests and holidays include all events from today announces to the events that take place at the end of the year. Besides, “Bee Travel” company web site represents the annonces of tourist Lviv events and allows you creating your own program of rest in Lviv having analyzed the received knowledge. 

Days off Lviv events

   Where is it possible to find information about Saturday and Sunday Lviv events? Surely, you should visit “Bee Travel” company web site to study days off Lviv events guide. Detailed timetable of all city, national and international holidays you can find at the Lviv, 2019 events guide. Such calendar helps planning your trips in order to select necessary time for your journey.