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Tourists in Lviv

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Day of Lviv. The program of celebration of City Day

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   In the first half of May the city turns from the ordinary tourist centre of Western Ukraine into the realMeccafor tourists from all parts of the world. Exactly in this period the great city holiday takes place – City Day. Maybe by scale of events it can not be quite compared to the Brazilian Carnivals. But due to the brightest impressions and a pleasant atmosphere Lviv City Day may become one of your most favourite holidays – it is enough to attend Lviv Day just once and to take part in one of the impressive actions or to visit one of many concerts. Though we are talking here about Lviv Day, but City Day celebrations actually last more than one day, often 2 - 3 days. It is related to the fact that number of events, festivals and concerts scheduled for this holiday just can not be reduced to the framework of one day, even if for this purpose you use a few scenes and dozens of areas for mass holidays actions.

   Having arrived to City Day, you will have an impression that you have fallen into a fairy tale, where a lot of stories from different eras and written by different authors mixed. But all this variety brings together one very important moment - the celebration Lviv City Day. Just on Lviv Day a record number of visitors comes here. This is just the beginning of the city records, because on Lviv Day a record of amount of kulysh and a record number of dumplings can be cooked, a record number of concerts is held and, of course, a record volume of traditional Lviv beer is drunk.