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Autumn events in Lviv. September, October, November. Calendar of 2019

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   In autumn Lviv attracts, as magnet, gourmets and theater-goers, fans of music and different kinds of modern art. When autumn comes, Lviv surpasses itself, offering tens of arrangements for tourists and visitors of the city. Company Bee Travel advices everybody, who is interested in autumn tourist arrangements, to look in the calendar of events in Lviv available on its website. This calendar gives a possibility to examine the list of excursions, which are held by the tourist company, and all important autumn events in Lviv.

   Traditionally, the calendar of events in Lviv for September contains International theater festival “Gold Lion” and different art festivals (Week of actual art, “Vereteno (Spindle)”, “Lviv Lumines”). Coffee Festival, for which fans of this fragrant drink look forward, will certainly be the central local event in September 2019. If you plan to arrive in the city with children, in the poster for September 2019 you will be interested in Festival “Doll’s World”, which permits to see the best examples of authors’ toys. And theatre-goers will call International festival “Gold Lion” the most important event in the calendar of events in Lviv for September 2019.

   The middle of autumn is an intermediate season at seaside and ski resorts of the world, and the calendar for October is also full of events as in any other months. It means that every potential visitor of the tourist capital will find what he or she needs among events in Lviv in October 2019. Those, who are good in wine and its snacks, will choose the cityHolidayof cheese and wine in the calendar of events in Lviv for October 2019. Those, who are interested in smith art and technology of ancient forging, can choose the tour in Bee Travel, dated to time of holding Festival “Iron Lion”. Fans of music, who admire staying in Lviv, will note for themselves Festivals of Modern and Ancient Music in the poster for October 2019.

  As a usual calendar, the schedule of events in Lviv for November starts on the first of November. This day it will be interesting to see young people in uniform of Sich shooters, who will bring guard near the City Hall in honor of November Award’s Day (foundation of the West Ukrainian People’s Republic). Among the events in Lviv for November 2019 Restaurant Seasons will mostly attract restaurateurs and gourmets. Besides, Lviv, it is possible to try author's food of famous chefs only in Kiev in autumn. Going to Lviv, fans of theatrical art will choose the festival of Ukraine `s and Europe `s Theatres “Ladder” in the poster of November 2019. For fans of music the calendar of events in Lviv for November 2019 has Nikolay Kolessy 's Festival of bandmasters.

Lviv autumn events guide

    What autumn events in Lviv can attract an experienced tourist? These are exhibitions and concerts, fests and competitions of different kinds. Web site of “Bee Travel” company offers November, 2019 events guide that helps to plan you vacation in order to visit the most interesting event. November calendar of Lviv events helps you make your trip bright and exciting so study autumn events guide before booking the tour.

Events in Lviv in June
Events in Lviv in June

   If you’ve decided to have rest in Lviv in autumn the events guide on September, 2019 helps you develop the program of your vacation. “Bee Travel” company web site offers the program of events in Lviv on June, 2019 and helps to select the best time for your trip. Lviv events guide on October, 2019 offered by “Bee Travel” company presents cheese and wine fests, ethnic and rock concerts, exhibitions of folk arts and fairs. 

Main autumn events in Lviv

    Information about main autumn events in Lviv is very important for all tourists as guests of the city want to see as many as possible interesting places and visit bright and unusual events in two or three days. “Bee Travel” company offers the calendar of Lviv events on its web site for those who want to seize as much as possible. Every season represents its holidays and fests that are nice and interesting in their own ways. If you are going to visit Lviv in early autumn you can plan your trip with the help of the calendar of Lviv events on September, 2019. It is up to you to choose the most suitable time for the trip and calendar of Lviv events on September helps you take the right decision.